The Giving Light – Needy Patient Charity Supporting Fund (the Fund) is established to provide support to the medical needs of financially under-privileged patients. Our mission is to help the sick and poor so that financially under-privileged patients can have access to advanced medical treatment.


  1. To serve as a financial safely net to meet the needs of  patients who have difficulties in affording medical treatment that are of proven clinical effectiveness. In providing support, the Fund will consider the existing coverage by the Government and efficient use of resources.
  2. To build a healthier community and help patients to look after themselves through empowerment with better knowledge on health and health lifestyle.

What we do

  1. The Fund provides financial assistance to patients who have financial difficulties in obtaining medical treatment through supporting special programmes that serves the objectives of the Fund.
  2. We promote health of the general public and empower patients on self care through organizing health promotion and health education activities.

Message from the patrons

Mrs. Anson Chan

It gives me great pleasure to support The Giving Light-Needy Patient Charity Supporting Fund which will help to meet the medical needs of financially under-privileged patients.

The Fund provides a financial safety net for those who need medical treatment but who are unable to meet the expenses involved in seeking the latest treatment of proven clinical effectiveness. In addition, the Fund promotes public health by encouraging self care through health education and activities. I believe that the Fund will meet a genuine need in our community and I encourage everyone to support it.

I congratulate all those involved in the establishment of the Fund and I wish it every success in the years ahead.

Dr. C.H. Leong

The Giving Light – Needy Patient Charity Supporting Fund was founded by volunteers of various professional qualifications, who are embraced with a noble sense of mission, willing to offer their spare time to serve the poor. The establishment of this medical foundation provides additional medical safety net and a new light of hope for those critically ill from the lower stratum of society. In full support of their act, I have signed up as a sponsor of this foundation.

There is Chinese proverb – “Doctors bear the hearts of parents”. Today, this description does not only apply to the medical people, but also to these dedicated volunteers. Let us hope that The Giving Light – Needy Patient Charity Supporting Fund will, in the near future, become a greater benefit to society through her more extensive service to the poor and critically ill patients.


The Board of Directors of the Fund are volunteers from medical, social welfare and healthcare background dedicated to serve the interest of patients.

Chairperson Ms. Nancy Kit, J.P.
Members Dr. Susan Louie Chan, J.P
  Dr. Cissy Choi
  Dr. Eric Choy
  Dr. Michael Lee
  Dr. Leung Chau Mau
  Dr. Li Shu Kin
  Ms. Nora Yau, M.H., J.P.


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Act Now

Please support “The Giving Light” – Needy Patient Charity Supporting Fund. All your donation would bring new hope to the financially under-privileged patients. Let’s join hands together!

Methods of Donation

  1. By crossed cheque payable to :
  2. The Giving Light – Needy Patient Charity Supporting Fund Limited
  3. By direct deposit :Hang Seng Bank Acount no: 223-148263-001. For issue of receipt, please forward or fax the bank-in slip with your name and address at the back  to:Address: Management Society For Healthcare Professionals, 8/F, 88 Lockhart Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong
  4. Fax number: 2528 2839 / 2861 0189

“Giving Light – Needy Patient Charity Supporting Fund ” is a  registered charity in Hong Kong , IRD Ref.: 909479